Jesus Whopping

Now, before you get upset at the title, I ask for your patience.  I promise I'm not going to disparage anyone's beliefs.  I'm just going to convey what was said.  Let's get to our story.

Lyn's 47th birthday was about two weeks ago.  She went to Mass that day and stopped on the way out to get her normal hug from Monsignor.  Lyn's always ingratiated herself to the clergy.  She's got her grandmother's ability to charm, after all.

After their hug, Lyn asked Monsignor to guess what the day was.  He clued in pretty quickly and she beamed when he guessed it was her birthday.  He told her he wasn't going to ask her age because he's a gentleman and knows the question would get him in trouble.  Lyn missed the joke.  He then asked her to hold out her hand and Lyn complied.

Monsignor then said "I want to whoop some extra Jesus on you!"

Lyn jerked her hand back in shock.  "No!"  She didn't want any Jesus whopping.

Turns out he just wanted to give her an extra blessing delivered via high-five.  It took a little explaining but she eventually held out her hand.

Meanwhile, the man next in light was choking back his laughter.


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