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Resources for the Care Provider

Care Options

A Terminal Disease

Slow Recovery

Strawberry Baby

An Interesting Perspective

Merry Christmas

Santa's What?!

Santa's Visit

First Smile

Time and Space

Tales of Christmas Past

Feeling Crappy

She's Been Adopted

Nice or Naughty Machine

Christmas Wish List

She Believes

Spacing Paid Off

Fixated on Something

Cautiously Entertaining

The Importance of The Same

When you gotta go...

She's Not Shy

Tucked In

Fighting the Cold

Making Cookies

Setting Up The Tree

Day Hab

Christmas On The Pecos

A Year of Seizures


What Could be Better?

Well Wishes


She's Good with Kids

Emotionally Ragged

Thankful For


Washing Hair

Evaluation Results

Neuropsychological Evaluation Tests

Snicklefritz means "I Love You"

Maintaining Her Routine