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My manager at work pointed out a website where you can make a customized video message from Santa.  I used it to create a message for Lyn yesterday.  You can view it here:

Lyn's Message from Santa

When Santa says "Come a little closer," Lyn was nearly nose to nose with him.  When he said that he had "a message from your sister," she nearly sprained her neck whipping around to look at Mom.  Mom ended up having to tap her on the head because she realized Lyn wasn't breathing.  She was holding her breath in her excitement.

Mom says she was intensely interested and was amazed that he sent her a message.


  1. Lyn's sister,
    That video for me was a tear jerker. I think parents with a special child tend to tear up easier.
    Jason stopped believing in Santa when he was around ten. Later in the group home some time after 18, he said to stop sending presents, that Christmas was for little kids. So . . .we send presents in December wrapped in plain paper. Where he got this idea, nobody knows. Was it at school? We just don't know.
    You are a great sister. God's Blessings on you and yours.

  2. This is ONE of THE sweetest things you have done for your sister. She has been telling everyone, and I mean everyone, about this. Thank you for being you. It's great when others help keep her dreams alive.
    I love you

  3. Thank you both for the kind comments.

    Sometimes, I forget how the little things can make such a big impact. We try to go all our and overlook how something simple and free can have a such big results. Now that I know about this, I can use it again in the future. When I set up her video, there is an option to have Santa send her a birthday message. She will be getting one of those after the first of the year. The site will also remind me again next year.

    I'm sorry that Jason thinks that Christmas is for little kids. Belief in Santa is not a requirement for enjoying the fun of the holiday. It seems like the plain paper gifts is a compromise that still lets you include him in the gift giving traditions this time of year.


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