She's Been Adopted

Meet Nikka!  Nikka has adopted Lyn. 

Mom and Lyn heard about a large pet adoption event on the news.  Lyn told Mom "If you get a dog, you know I'll play with it."  So, off they went.

They looked at a couple of dogs and then spotted this girl.  She's about two years old and was a surrendered pet.  She's been in the city's care since August but was with a foster family because she was not coping well with being in the shelter.  She is gentle and gets along with other dogs and children.  When they had learned all this about her and more, Mom turned to Lyn and asked "What do you think?"  Lyn was grinning from ear to ear.  

A volunteer took Nikka and Lyn for a walk while Mom filed out the papers and paid the adoption fee.  They then went to the store to purchase the supplies they'd need right away.  Nikka decided she needed to walk between them.

On the way home, Lyn burst into tears.  When Mom inquired about the cause of the tears, she choked out that she missed Griz.  Mom assured her that Griz would be happy that Nikka was joining the family. It took about 10 minutes for Lyn to cry it out.

Once they got her home, she and Lyn went out and ran around the yard.  Inside, if Lyn went to another room, Nikka would follow.  If Mom went to another room, Nikka wouldn't move.  When Lyn went to the restroom, Nikka waited for her by the door.  When she left with her respite provider for her evening activity, Nikka sat by the door and cried for her for about a half hour.  She's decided that Lyn's her person.  

So much for Mom getting herself a new dog.  It looks like she's gotten Nikka a Lyn.  


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