Making Cookies

Mom does a tremendous amount of baking for the holidays.  In years past, she would give baskets packed with all sorts of bread and cookies to friends and family as Christmas gifts.  Whenever a helping hand was offered, Mom could find some task to assign.

Last week, Mom was making a batch of snickerdoodles when Lyn asked if she could help.  When Mom rolled a cookie, she passed it to Lyn.  Lyn dredged it in the cinnamon and sugar before putting it on the cookie sheet.  Mom showed Lyn how to put them in a row.

Lyn did well with the first pan.  With the second cookie sheet, she had to mentally strain to get the rows started.  Cookie sheet three was way out in left field.  She put the first cookie at one corner.  The second cookie was placed in another corner.  The third cookie went into a third corner.  Mom tried to redirect Lyn into putting the cookies into a row.  Lyn no longer understood what she meant.  Mom showed her how to do it but it didn't compute.  There were only 20 to go on the sheet but 19 of those were either put in corners or all but on top of another one.  When she was finished, Mom rearranged the cookies and put them into the oven.  Lyn was happy that she helped and Mom thanked her while cleaning up the kitchen.


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