The Importance of The Same

It is important to Lyn that things stay the same.  It means reliability.  It is understandable and it is something she can anticipate.  She knows her brain is changing so keeping things the same as she always has them is even more important than it was even a year ago.  You and I really have no real way to understand the importance of the same or to feel it the way she does.  However, we will have glimpses of it.

On Thursday, Lyn had her normally scheduled bowling practice.  Normally, she bowls on lanes 5-6.  For some reason, she and her partner were moved over to lanes 7-8.  She was irritated and started to gripe.  Even after she got home, she was still unhappy with this minor change and was voicing her displeasure.  Mom asked if she had fun bowling and Lyn affirmed that she had.  Mom then pointed out that her scores were good and that the lane she used was unimportant.


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