Spacing Paid Off

Mom and Lyn's open house was a great success!  Seven of the invited ten guests were able to make it.  They were spaced over the course of the afternoon which allowed Lyn to focus on one or two people at a time, to feel included and to participate readily.  She was not overwhelmed by the noise of many people talking or the motion of lots of kids running around.

The first two guests arrived at 2:30 in the afternoon and stayed for just a half our.  Lyn entered into the conversation nicely.  She pointed out how she helped put things together for the open house.  There were six kinds of cookies, two kinds of candy, banana bread, pumpkin/apple bread and chococlate pound cake.  There was posole, queso and chips as well.  Lyn was initially worried about the amount of food she and Mom had prepared.  She was relieved that there was enough for their guests to eat. One thing she worried about all afternoon was the queso.  She kept stirring it so it wouldn't stick since it was in the little crockpot.  As soon as she thought the chip bowl was low she filled it.

As the first guests were leaving, our uncle and his family arrived.  They stayed over two hours and ate and ate and ate.  A few min after they came, the last guest arrived.  We all had the posole which really was the best Mom says she's ever made.  Lyn didn't eat it.  She never eats the posole.

She was about to pop since her gift to our uncle under the tree.  She had made a card for him and one for our aunt.  I let her give them their cards and tell our uncle to open his gift.  Lyn wanted to see if it was ok.  Lyn gave him a hoof pick to use on his horses and he loved it.  She made sure our aunt knows that the goodies that she gets will be delivered next week.  Lyn and our two teenage cousins went into the living room and talked about the tree and looked at all the ornaments.

When the guests left, Lyn helped Mom clean up.  She had a great afternoon and Mom's planning helped pave the way for a successful, melt-down free afternoon.


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