When you gotta go...

From Mom:

The newest blog reminded me of just how she has always been able to just go talk to someone.

During the opening State Special Olympic ceremonies in about 1982 she was one of the ones chosen to carry a banner.  Now this banner stretched across the 4 lanes on the field track and the ends were attached to wooden pieces about 5 ft tall.  She was to hold it up high as they marched around the track then into the middle of the field.  I don't remember who carried the other end, but that didn't matter.

There were several coaches and officials marching ahead so the kids knew where to go.  She did very well marching around and into center field.  When they got to center field they were to stand until all the athletes filed in behind.

I was watching her be in her element when all of a sudden she turned to the man on her right and said "hold this" and handed him the end of the banner.  Off she went.  It took a coach a few minutes to realize Lyn was headed off the field.  The man holding the banner looked shocked and wasn't sure just what to do.  The coach headed after her as did I.  She said "I have to go potty" so the coach went with her and I went back to my seat.  The banner holding man stood there as he was told watching the rest of the kids gathering behind him.  The ceremonies began and the mayor was to give an opening speech.  I realized we had a problem.  The mayor was holding the banner.  He got a coach over to relieve him and made his way to the podium.

It was the late Mayor Harry Kinney, the one who looked like Benjamin Franklin.  He was the 1st mayor Albuquerque had had in almost 100 yrs.  He laughed, took it in stride and said it was everyone's duty to help the athletes in every way possible even if it meant a slight change in plans.  She proudly marched back on the field to re-take the banner and was not happy it was in someone else's hands.

When the ceremonies were over the Mayor was still milling around talking to the kids.  I went over to him and apologized for Lyn's actions.  He laughed and said it was "the greatest thing" that had happened to him in a long time.  He said it was nice to be treated as a regular person and not the mayor.  We saw him again about a year later and he remembered the incident and we laughed about it.

When you gotta go you gotta go.


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