She Believes

Lyn believes in Santa.  She has maintained this belief despite people making comments that would call this belief into question to anyone else.  She believes in Santa with the same certainty that you and I know that the sun will rise tomorrow.  It is fact, pure and simple.

In years past, she's sent him cards and letters.  Apparently, Santa's upgraded his technological capabilities.  He has a website which Mom and Lyn checked out over the weekend.  From the website, you can send an email to the old elf.  So, that's exactly what Lyn did with Mom's help.  Lyn populated a form letter where she filled in her gender, three things she wants and her age.  She hit send and was lingering on his site when a chat window popped up.  Santa came into view and chatted with her.  During their chat, an email replay arrived which was in perfect syn with what she had submitted.  In both the chat and the email stated how happy he is that "older" kids still contact him.  She was enthralled to say the least.  She kept inching closer to the computer.

Mom and Lyn printed his letter so show her team during the next team meeting.  She also showed it off to all the guests at the open house.  She was still excited about it when she went to bed.  I know that these touches which make it so real to some are geared towards little ones.  However, it works with her too.  She Believes (yes, with a capital B) and these touches are just the proof for her.  It doesn't hurt that we've looked for ways to reinforce this over the years.


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