Tucked In

Lyn came into the living room and said she wanted her turtleneck tucked in.  She had a sweat shirt over it as usual.  Mom said "Ok, tuck it in."  Mom went on with the vacuum and didn't watch.  She's tucked her shirt in for decades.  A short time later, Lyn stood up and said "I want this tucked in."  She lifted the sweat shirt.  Mom responded "Well, tuck it in."  Lyn informed Mom that she didn't know how.  So, Mom reached over and began tucking in the back.  Mom was almost done when Lyn pushed in the bit right in front.  In the past, if Mom tried to tuck the shirt in, Lyn would pull away and inform her in no uncertin terms that she could do it and would.  

It is things like this that make Mom sad.


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