When Lyn was little, about five years old, my family visited my Grandparents as Christmas approached.  Grandma loved candles and kept a red ball candle in her room during that time of year.

Lyn was intent upon the candle.  It was lit and she studied it for a very long time.  Mom and Grandma were keeping a close eye on her as they chatted and noticed when she started trying to blow it out.  She worked and worked at it.  She tried shaping her mouth in the O needed to produce the puff of air that would blow it out.  She struggled for several minutes as they looked on, letting her find her way and not wanting to sabotage her efforts.

"BLOW!" She croaked.

They were stunned!  She only had a couple of words at that point.  She could reliably say "Mama", "No", or "Shhhh" when she wanted water.  No one moved for a couple of moments because they weren't sure they heard her correctly.  She struggled again and out "Blow!" came once more.

They jumped up and told her to blow it out.  She blew it out and the matches were grabbed.  The candle was relit.  Lyn again said "Blow!" and it was with a little more confidence.  They told her to blow it out and she beamed!  They continued to relight the candle, each time getting a "Blow!" and a puff from my sister.

Soon, the smoke filled the room and was noticed by my Grandfather.  He came in wanting to know what was happening and if everything was alright.  Grandma told him to just watch as they lit the candle again.  Grandpa was floored when he saw what was happening.

He hurried into the kitchen for the big box of matches and took over.  He lit and she blew.  He said "As long as she'll say it, we'll do it!"

The game continued for another ten minutes and filled the house with smoke.


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