Tales of Christmas Past

Lyn has not always enjoyed Christmas.  Sometimes, it was overwhelming.

In 1972, my family had moved from Italy back to the States because our father was to be stationed at Red Stone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama.  Since they were relatively so close to home, they returned to New Mexico for Christmas.

Lyn found the whole event to be too much.  There were too many people and it was too loud for her tastes.  Worst of all, there were too many people with names starting with J.  If I've done my math correctly, there were 9 relatives who had a J name at that time including the boy in the background.  His entire family; Mother, Father and younger Sister all had J names as well.  My poor Grandmother would start stammering out J's when she wanted to get someone's attention.  Unable to get to the right name, she'd give up and just issue a "You!" to select the person she wanted.  I can't  imagine how much confusion it was for Lyn that year.

I'm not sure what she's focused on in this picture.  I like to imagine that she's casting a wary eye at the Christmas tree itself.


  1. She was confused by so many people, there were 14 of us. It was a fun day for the most part but she always seemed to adjust. We just went with the flo.


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