Strawberry Baby

Lyn's hair has been through many different shades over the course of her life.  She's only recently started having highlights put in her hair.  All the colors she transitioned through, especially in the early years, was all natural.

If I remember correctly, she was born with dark hair that quickly fell out.  That was replaced with strawberry blonde which later went platinum.  She was blonde in our early childhood and more red in her late teens and early twenties.  She's not got dark, sandy blonde or light brown hair.  At the time the picture below was taken, she was in her strawberry phase.

Lyn was less than a year old when our parents returned from Italy with her for a visit.  Grandma started referring to Lyn as "my granddaughter with the pink hair."  Grandma really had no room to talk with her blue rinse.  Grandma had been playing peek-a-boo with Lyn and the jello mold got left on her head for the picture.

Hair color is determined by the amounts of the pigments eumelanin and pheomelanin present in the hair. Typically changes to hair color occur slowly, over the life of a person due to factors such as aging or as a result of a medical condition such as vitiligo.  Malnutrition and certain medicines can also change hair color.  Malnutrition will make the hair lighter and more brittle.  Antibiotics can also lighten hair color.  Given that Lyn was put on antibiotics when she was just four hours old, it could be that they played a role in her rapid, very early hair color changes.  Hard to know now after all these years.


  1. Actually she never lost her hair, it just went from almost black to strawberry blonde, to platinum, to blonde to darker brown. I believe it was due to being on antibotics from age 4 hrs to 3 yrs.


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