Day Hab

Lyn and Mom have been talking about finding Lyn a day hab program.

Day habilitation is a program to help the individual learn and retain behaviors and skills that allow easier participation in regular community activities such as shopping, taking a walk or attending a social event.  Day habilitation is also known as day activity programs.  They typically offer recreational activities in addition to daily living skills.  Some programs offer a track for clients who are memory impaired or have been diagnosed with Alzheimer's.

In Lyn's situation, it is the skill retention that is so important.  Realistically, we don't anticipate that she will learn new skills as a result of the program.  We hope to slow the loss of her existing skills by reinforcing their use.

Additional Information Sources:
Dementia, Aging, and Intellectual Disabilities by Matthew Janicki and Arthur Dalton: Adult Day Services chapter
Habilitation Therapy: the Answer to Caregivers' Frustrations by Brenda Dapkus


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