Feeling Crappy

Lyn woke up "feeling crappy" yesterday.  She was in tears.  She showered, "felt human" but was soon in tears again.  It was Sunday and Lyn's physician's office was closed.  So, off to urgent care they went.  The doctor was attentive and listened to Lyn when she described how she was feeling, quoted above.  From check in to being seen by the physician was only about 10 minutes.  Lyn has an ear infection and a sinus infection.  Her throat is also a wreck but she tested negative for Strep.

The illness scuttled the plans Mom and Lyn had to attend an afternoon performance of The Nutcracker which Lyn loves.  Lyn didn't want to expose anyone and ended up in bed for the afternoon.  She was chilled and needed a pair of sweats, her electric blanket and 2 fleece blankets to settle in.  The tickets were a loss but she would have been miserable the entire time.

It is not often that Lyn comes down with an illness.  When she does, it really knocks her for a loop.  As long as she's willing to cooperate with taking her medicine, she'll bounce back in a few days.  We anticipate this will become more difficult as her dementia progresses.


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