Fixated on Something

Here are two examples of Lyn fixating on something:

Earlier this week, Mom gathered the towels for the laundry.  While they were washing, Lyn decided to get ready to take a bath.  She asked if Mom could do the towels since there wasn't one in her bathroom.  Mom directed her to get another one from the linen closet because the ones in the wash were not yet ready.  A few minutes later, she asked again if Mom could do the towels.  Instead of asking Lyn to get a towel, Mom went and got another one out of the closet.  Lyn seemed puzzled.  Mom said there are plenty of towels and the one in the dryer could wait.  "Yes but it's my favorite."  Mom asked her to use the one now in her bathroom until the ones in the wash were finished.  She wasn't happy but was too tired to argue.

I wonder if getting a couple of identical towels would solve this.  One could be in the wash while the other hangs in the bathroom, ready for her.

As for the second example, it came about in a phone call between us over the weekend.  When I was out  there last month, Lyn and Mom had asked for a Christmas gift idea for my eldest child.  We discussed several options and settled on one.  They placed the order for the item and all is set.  When I called this weekend for a quick conversation before finally tackling the Christmas decorations at my home, Lyn insisted she had to talk with me.  She asked what she could get my eldest for Christmas.  I reminded her that we had agreed upon a particular item and that it had been ordered already.  She wasn't sure.  I told her her again what the item is and that there was nothing needing to be done.  When she decided our part of the call was over, she passed me back to Mom.  Mom explained that Lyn decided about 3 days prior to my call that no gift had been secured for my eldest.  There's been nothing Mom could do to convince her and that's why she insisted on having the conversation with me.  I'm not sure I succeeded.  We'll see if this current fixation settles down soon.

In the meantime, we'll keep her on her schedule, including two bowling sessions each week.  Saturday's resulted in a score set of 128, 80 and 103 along with a $0.27 win at the casino.


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