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In Lyn's last quarterly check up with her physician, her physician noted that there's been a marked decline in Lyn's ability to follow a conversation.   If she picks up on one of her triggers like hearing us discuss the body, she will start to get upset and a single sentence or two from us now mollifies her.  She'll look confused but accepts our explanation that we're not being inappropriate.  She really doesn't get mad or hold onto it much.  She was much more feisty about it even 6 months ago. When I speak to her, she's got a small set of questions she always asks.  She doesn't deviate from the questions. How are you? How is your husband? How are the kids? What are your kids doing? Do I hear your dog? I'm not sure that she is listening to how I answer.  It seems like she's just wanting a response and any response will suffice.  Now, I haven't tested this.  I have not messed with her.  I give her honest answers like "

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