Thursday, June 23, 2016


Lyn saw the ophthalmologist today.  Lyn's pupils are currently have a 1 millimeter difference.  The doctor took nearly an hour working with Lyn and would like to see her again in a week to see if there is any change.  He was able to rule out a number of things but didn't find a definitive cause.  He's diagnosed her with anisocoria which is just pupils of unequal sizes.

It turns out aniscocoria is fairly common.  It can be completely benign or something which is symptomatic of bigger issues.  The concern is that this has only just been noticed in Lyn and has never been noticed before.

So, we'll keep observing her.  If anything changes between now and next week's appointment, she'll be seen immediately.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Recently, Lyn was watching Good Morning America as she was sorting beads.  Mom was in the kitchen when she realized that she couldn't hear the tv any longer.  Mom asked Lyn what was wrong.

"Her outfit is unappropriated so I hit mute."  She says "unappropriated" instead of "inappropriate."

Mom suggested that the television could be turned off.  "No.  I'm good."  Lyn continued to watch; not listen.  She turned the sound back on when Iggy was done performing.

Perhaps Lyn objected to the exposed bra.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Late last week, one of the day hab staff noticed that Lyn's pupils are different sizes.  Over the weekend. the difference continued to increase.  Lyn says she can no longer see things.  She says she can't see things in the sky or words in a book.  She's not in any pain or discomfort.  Lyn is now scheduled to see her ophthalmologist  tomorrow.

Late last week, Lyn and Mom met with the head the agency which will oversee Lyn's Community Access services.  It turns out that the service coordinator had completely dropped the ball.  When Mom had contacted the head of the agency, he had lined up interviews with three service providers rather quickly.  The interviews went well and they have selected a provider.  The three providers all had 10 years or more of experience.  They will start with Community Access next week.

Thursday, June 16, 2016


Lyn's drooling is pretty much constant now.  While I was there last month, Mom told me about the time when Lyn was two or three and at the special pre-school.  Lyn was a near constant drooler then too.

The speech therapist asked for a meeting with both Mom and my father.  When she had them in her office, she proceeded to explain that she'd like to use a tool to help Lyn learn to control her drooling.  they agreed that Lyn needed help and asked about the tool and approach.  The therapist explained that the tool would help tighten Lyn's facial muscles through exercise.  The therapist asked that they not get upset when she showed it too them because it was only used for this purpose and with that, she reached into her desk drawer and pulled out a full sized vibrator.

They were surprised but agreed to let her try working with Lyn.  Lyn quickly learned to stop drooling.

As Mom relayed this memory to me, I howled with laughter.  I'm sure they were stunned and confused.  So, I asked, what would Lyn's current therapist recommend?  Do they still use vibrators for this purpose?  We resolved to find out.

Mom finally got a chance to ask Lyn's current speech therapist.  She updated me with the following:

"I remembered to ask about the drooling.  She said that some therapists do use a vibrator but it's a small device.  She does use a small one for clients who have oral problems such as not liking someone touching the face.  She said there's no scientific proof that using a vibrator around the mouth helps with drooling.  It doesn't tighten the muscles.  The ability to not drool is more of being conscience of doing it.  She's not in the "pro" crowd for doing anything to stop Lyn's drooling.

Lyn then piped in and said "I can't help it.  It's just me."  LOL"

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Last week, Lisa Cordova passed.  Lisa was the client at Lyn's day hab who was wheelchair bound as a result of her Alzheimer's.  Towards the end of her life, about all she could say was "Happy birthday." Lisa's family deeply cared for her and provided her with excellent care her entire life.  She was active in the community and held a valued place in it.

Lisa and Lyn had known each other as a result of Special Olympics and church.  They went to the same high school but were there at different times.  Lisa was older than Lyn by 10 years.

I remember Lisa as a kind and happy woman.  She was quick to smile and took genuine delight in others.

Monday, June 13, 2016


On Saturday, Lyn attended Albuquerque's Pride parade.  She has attended for the past several years and completely enjoys herself.  The parade is a bright, colorful and happy event.  Lyn caught a purple football and whistle this year along with several strands of beads.  The people who attend enjoy themselves and there is a great festive air about it as you will find in so many other Pride events around the world.

Yesterday morning, we woke up to the devastating news of the massacre in Orlando.  Mom's having to keep an eye on the news today and for the foreseeable future.  We don't want to have Lyn confronted by this news if we can help it.  It will upset her for days unnecessarily.

Lyn can't do anything to change America's approach to guns.  You and I can.   We can help change the dialogue because praying for the victims of violence is not enough.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

What's the Delay?

Mom's been trying to get Community Access for Lyn for months. She interviewed an agency and several providers there, picking one that she and Lyn "clicked with." The budget was approved. Hours were allotted and then there was no provider available to start with Lyn. It has been a series of delays.

Last night, Mom wrote:

I am beginning to think that we'll never get community access. Last week, I called the coordinator and she said she had a provider. The provider supposedly worked with this population and has one class left to take then she needs to sign a contract. So, she "probably" would be ready to work in a couple of weeks. The coordinator was going to have the provider call me and we could set up a meet/greet.

That was last Wednesday. On Friday, I emailed the coordinator and asked if she'd spoken to the provider. On Monday, she replied that they were playing phone tag but was sure she would connect on Monday. Still no call from either one of them. I'm going to wait until Thursday and then email the owner of the agency and copy the coordinator. It looks like this isn't going to happen and I will find another agency if they can't get a provider within a week. 

Perhaps the provider changed her mind. Perhaps the coordinator hasn't spoken to her. Perhaps they can't do this.

Lyn refuses to go to dayhab on Tuesday or Thursday since the ISP meeting was held. At that meeting, it was decided that she would only go on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. She doesn't seem to understand that while waiting, she could go to dayhab each day. Actually, it's better because she seems overwhelmed when I pick her up.