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Needing Breathing Space

My blogging has seriously tapered off recently.

hmm... That feels like an understatement.

My blogging has laid down at the top of a grassy hill on a late summer day, pitched itself over the crown and is still rolling towards the bottom.

I've contemplated quitting because it feels like there's only so many ways to say "Lyn's disease is progressing" or "she's getting worse" or "another skill was lost."  There's no miracle cure that will extend her life.  There's not been a lot of progress on the research front.  Drugs are tested and found lacking when applied to people.

Is this ennui due to the reality of Lyn's progression or is it due to all the other stuff that's taking up brain space.  Who knows?  The kids are back in school (finally!) and the unending "what homework do you have today" questions have begun.  Three years of work at the office is in transition as the beta period is ending and clients are going …

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