Lyns Health

Recently, Mom commented that she was so thankful that Lyn hasn't had a sinus infection or major illness in some time.  Illness is very hard on an Alzheimer's patient and tends to set them further down the declining path a bit faster than they were before the illness.

Unfortunately, Lyn and Mom are both fighting the flu.  The flu has been particularly bad this year and they are down with it.  Mom made sure they got their flu shots in the Fall.  She does every year.  I'm very glad they get their vaccinations.  While they're feeling awful, the shots are helping keep both of them out of the hospital.

Even before the onset of the flu, Lyn's sleep patterns are changing.  She's wanting to nap at least 2 hours a day.  While she's sick, she's napping nearly 4 hours a day.  During the night, Lyn wakes up several times and is back to sleeping with Mom for part of the night.  Mom feels it's better that Lyn joins her than wanders the house in the dark.  For Lyn, this is a comfort thing.  She feels safe crawling in with Mom.

Lyn's seen by her physician quarterly.  Her weight is still slowly going down.  She's not dieting.  Her body is forgetting how to process food well.  Her physician has added a nutrition drink like Boost or Ensure to her daily routine.  Lyn likes the chocolate ones.

Her health has been pretty stable for an extended period.  Hopefully, this bout of flu won't knock her back too far.


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