Lyn's Dating Rules

Our uncle who was widowed last year has started to date.  He's made this known by referencing "my girlfriends."  It's all casual and one of his girlfriends is a neighbor who's in her 90s that he just loves to help out.  He's known her for years.

We were chatting about his girlfriends last week when Lyn decided to offer up Lyn's Dating Rules.  They are pretty short and sweet and go like this.

  1. You're not allowed to date.
  2. No one's allowed to date.
  3. Dating is not allowed.
Lyn told our uncle that he needed to stop dating right away and give up anything remotely connected to the concept of girlfriend.  She begrudgingly accepted the 90 year old staying in the picture because he's not really dating her and just calls her his girlfriend.

Lyn then turned on Mom and stated that she's not allowed to date.  A little digging revealed that she doesn't want Mom to talk to strangers.

I asked Lyn if I was allowed to date.  I was told "No!  That's unappropriated!"  When asked why, she pointed out that I already have a husband.  

She's got a point.


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