Hidden Pictures

My kids and I are in NM for the week to visit Mom and Lyn.  This morning, Lyn's speech therapist visited.  The goal is to just keep her brain stimulated.

They played the game called Memory with a reduced set of tiles.  Lyn can forget from one turn to another that she's selected and looked at a card before.

The therapist would show Lyn a series of three or four cards, asking her to repeat the objects back.  Lyn could remember one or two of them but needed a prompt to identify the third or fourth item.

The most challenging exercise was the hidden picture page from a Highlights magazine.  The key of images to find was immediately beside the picture.  Lyn found a couple of the objects on her own and others were not identifiable to her.   For example, there was a bowl with a bunch of hexagonal nuts filling it.  In the center of the nets was a star which matched the key.  Lyn insisted they were not a match.  When I asked what was different between the stars, she said she didn't know while she pointed to some shading marks below the star in the bowl.    


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