Finding Commonality

Don't you love it when you find commonality with another person?  Perhaps you're wearing a shirt declaring your love for a particular band or television show and someone calls it out to say "me too!" Perhaps, someone makes a seemingly off-hand comment and you're able to finish the quote because you know it.  (Fair warning:  If you ever say "But I'm not dead yet!" around me, I will answer with "Come on!  Do us a favor!")

We all look for those shared interests or experiences because it allows us to relate to each other.  Lyn looks for those moments too.  Yesterday, she found one.

She and her care provider stopped at a local fast food store to get a bite to eat.  While eating, three girls nearby started yelling at each other.  It escalated and two walked out.  The third remained at the table, talking on the phone.  One of the girls returned and stood staring at the girl on the phone.  She then threw a coke at phone girl.  Both then left and an employee hurried over to check on Lyn because she was in direct line of fire.  The soda missed her.

Lyn was so excited about the argument and how close it was to her.  She wanted Mom to call Uncle T because he had witnessed two women in a physical fight at the grocery store earlier in the week.  She said that she now has something in common with him.  Apparently, watching bull riding isn't enough of a common experience.


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