It's OK

It's OK to look at your loved one and acknowledge that Alzheimer's is causing changes, breaking down the person in ways which cannot be mended.

It's OK to grieve as you see them scared and frustrated because they're aware of the changes happening to them.  They know that their brain is changing and that it doesn't work as well as it used to work.

It's OK to wish they weren't as aware of what was happenings they are.

It's OK to acknowledge that if they passed tonight, it wouldn't be a bad thing.

When they do pass, it's OK if you have no tears.  You've spent them as you have watched your loved one fade away.

To the friend's family who have just lost their Grandfather who had Alzheimer's.  Rest assured that you are not bad people, disloyal, or unloving because you have no tears right now.  Go easy on yourselves and know that his confusion and frustration is over.  Treasure your memories of him.


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