Fighting the Cold

Lyn is nearly always cold.  Grandma was the same way.  They could both give lessons in proper layering.

New Mexico has been in the grips of a winter storm.  Parts of the state have already received over a foot of snow.  Mom's had over two inches in her yard.  For those of you used to the snow, it is OK to laugh at that amount.  However, in Albuquerque, two inches is enough to delay school for two hours.  Much more and the city shuts down.  Mom and Lyn live out on the mesa West of town.  They're in an area that doesn't even have naturally occurring trees.  It may not officially be desert, but it is pretty darn close.

Their nighttime temperatures have been dropping into the single digits.  Mom's leaving the faucets dripping to keep them from freezing.  Lyn's fighting the cold in her own way too.  She has an electric blanket, fiber filled comforter and 3 fleece blankets.  With the sweats and socks she's wearing Mom felt certain she would be warm.

Lyn wasn't sure.


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