Evaluation Results

The evaluation results indicate that Lyn struggled to complete a number of the tests.  For example, she stated the day of the month incorrectly despite getting the month and year correct.  She did not know the county and was unable to complete consecutive serial seven subtractions or spell "world" backwards.  She was unable to read or write a sentence and was unable to draw intersection pentagons.  (In all honesty, she could not have done those things prior to the on-set of her dementia anyway.)

Lyn's Full Scal IQ is 46 which is below the 0.1 percentile of the population.  However, her verbal comprehension index IQ score is 61 (as was mentioned in a previous post) which is in the 0.5 percentile.  Her perceptual reasoning index core, working memory index core and processing speed index core are all 50 and all in or below the 0.1 percentile.  The difference between the verbal comprehension and perceptual reasoning scores suggest she has a better set of verbal than nonverbal abilities.

Test results show that she's got impaired attention and concentration processes.  Memory problems were noted as well.  However, her previous assessments do not contain any comprehensive memory testing.  The clinician noted that, as a result, she is unable to determine if her memory issues represent a decline or  a stable low level.  Poor performance was also noted with tasks of concept learning, set shifting and response inhibition.  Lyn has defective problem solving and her capacity to profit from experience is sub-par.  Her judgment is impaired and her capacity for abstraction, including using inductive and deductive reasoning, is also impaired.  The clinician notes this means she has significantly compromised executive functioning.  However, her personality and emotional function results indicate no emotional problems.

At this time, the clinician has returned a result that Lyn has severe developmental disability requiring 24/7 care.

So, what does this mean to us?  The findings are very interesting in themselves.  They are considered a benchmark against which Lyn can be evaluated and compared again between now and two years from now.  The findings are not a great surprise or revelatory to us though because we're pretty honest in our observations of Lyn and her skills.


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