A Day Trip for a Play

Mom and Lyn took a day trip to Socorro to attend a showing of "A Lighter Side of Chekhov" at the Socorro Community Theater.  My cousin and his family are closely involved with the theater and had invited them to attend the early show on Sunday.  Here's Mom's account of the day.


Since the show was at 1:30, I knew we could go and be home before dark.  I said we'd go as long as the weather was dry.  By noon the wind was all but howling and the clouds blanketed the sky but off we headed, south on I-25.

The clouds were low, dark and very angry looking.  As I passed Isleta Pueblo, I thought "this sky is going to open any minute and we'll have a epic downpour."  Oh wait!  This is New Mexico and that won't happen.  So we put in a CD and watched the standing trains near Belen.  I had to turn my wipers on outside Belen, passing La Joya and then again crossing the Rio Puerco.  Even though they were on maybe one minute each time, it was enough to wash the bug guts off the windshield.  As we neared San Acacia, Lyn said she knew where the Texas Longhorns were.  Actually, I was surprised she remembered the cattle breed's name.  She pointed to them as we flew by.  She said she saw lots of calves, which she did.    

Pulling into Socorro, she asked if I knew where the Opera House was.  Naturally, I lied and said "Yes."  I did remember it is just past the grocery store.  Fortunately there is now a sign "Garcia Opera House"  So I turned into the lot.

This Opera House is well over 100 yrs old, built of adobe and I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't haunted.  There were several people there when we arrived but it gave us a chance to chat with my nephew who directed the play.  When the play began there must have been about 50 people there.  During the fourth act, Lyn was getting antsy, looking around and leaning against me.  I thought maybe we would have to leave early.  The place was dark except for some lights on the stage.  Fortunately, a 15 minute intermission came and she relaxed.  Of course, knowing she could go eat some of the cookies helped.

Act 5 began and I knew she would be ok for this final one.  I know she didn't understand it but she laughed when the rest of us did.  She was relaxed and happy.  When it ended we went to the back to congratulate my nephew.  He told Lyn to take some cookies home.  She looked at me for the ok and I said she could bring four.  Her face fell but that's all she took.  She then gave me two and ate her two.  I'm waiting for her to ask me if I want mine.  LOL

Since it was 4pm and we had an hour drive, we quickly left.  We could smell rain.  Now, I realize how spoiled we are with only 360 days of sunshine and I was bummed about today being without the sun.  As we left town, cars had headlights on and it bothered her.  I reminded her that this time of day it's safer to turn them on since it gets dark quickly.  Cruise control was set and we headed North.  When we were coming by San Acacia, Lyn spotted four deer in the field where the Long Horns should have been.  Soon thereafter, she spotted a hugh hawk on the telephone pole.  She has good eyes and has always been a good spotter.

 By the time we approached Belen, I could see clouds were breaking up far to the west and the sun was peeking thru.  Coming around a bend in Belen, I spotted a bit of rainbow.  Within five minutes, it was brighter but went in a straight line.  No, I'm not kidding.  It was bright and perfectly straight up into the sky.   We were close to Los Lunas and the sun had cut clouds, shadows on the hills of basalt are so beautiful, to me.  She said, "we will be home soon right?"  "Yes, within 30 minutes."  It was getting dark and she's getting nervous.  Too bad the Dr. & PhD couldn't see this reaction.  Anyway, we watched that rainbow until we turned off I-25 at Isleta.  The clouds were golden & streaks of sunshine hit the Sandia Mountains where they weren't hidden by clouds.  New Mexcio has the most beautiful sky at sunset.

We were home shortly after 5pm.  It's now 6:30 and she's had a bath and is watching Cops.  Life is good,  She had a good day and said she was happy we went.  Me too.


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