Washing Hair

While we were visiting Mom and Lyn, I observed how Mom is already having to participate in the routine attention to Lyn's personal hygiene.  Lyn wanted to wash her hair before going out to her social group's dinner Friday night.

Out came the towel and shampoo.  Lyn bent over the kitchen sink and had Mom wash her hair there.  I asked how long this has been going on and Mom said "Oh, a couple of months."  It was evident to me that they had just adjusted to another task change and hadn't paid too much attention to it.  To my "Why?", Mom explained that Lyn had stopped washing more than just her bangs.  Even if she was to wash her hair during her evening ablutions, she would only do the bangs.  If she was asked to go back into the bathroom to do it fully, she'd come back out with just her bangs wet.  The rest of her head would be completely dry.

Lyn used to have long hair.  Actually, she's had long hair off and on through her life.  When she was able to keep her hair clean and well tended herself, she would frequently grow it out.

When she was working, Lyn would ask Mom to wrap her hair up into a bun to keep it tucked up and neat in the restaurant.  At one point, Lyn's hair was long enough that she even donated 12 inches to Locks for Love.  When Lyn had her most recent cut, 11 inches were removed.

Mom and Lyn have agreed to keep Lyn's short from here on out because Lyn is no longer able to maintain it independently.


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