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Happy Birthday, Mom!

I have, once again, failed to get a card in the mail.  Seriously, how you put up with me, I'll never know.  However, I've called in the forces and given Lyn the task of making you a card.  She's also promised to be extra sweet to you today.

Lyn was nearly giddy that I called to speak to only her last night.  I reminded her that it is your birthday and a card from her would be a perfect gift.  She said she could do that.  I could hear her smiling into the phone.

Your email later in the evening, about 20 minutes later, made me laugh.  To share with our friends, here's Mom's side of the story:

Your sister is so funny.  She was all but dancing when she hung the phone up.  Said "it was for me.  She wanted to talk to me about tomorrow."  
"Oh, our trip?"  
"NO."  A few minutes later, Lyn announced she was going in her room to watch Wheel of Fortune.  She closed the door.  She just came out and wanted to know if I would write something down if she gave me some paper.  
"Of course, I'll always help if I can."  
She went to get some paper and said "I don't know how to spell Happy Birthday."  
I almost chuckled.  I said "Hand me the card I got today from your cousin because it is in there."  I showed her the words and off she went to her room assuring me she'll bring it right back.Hmmmmm, such a mystery.  Of course I'll go along with it all. 


  1. Thank you. No card is necessary since I have your love.
    She went to sleep in a very good mood and I know it's because "she" got a phone call. love you

  2. This comment made me laugh out loud. I guess I should refrain from reading your blog at work. Happy birthday Lyn's mom!


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