Our Brains Just Say Different Things

After Mom taught us about differences in appearances, she eventually had to reinforce for Lyn the idea that two things could look different but still do the same task.  Lyn was aware that she was different than the rest of the family and she was concerned about it.

Mom directed Lyn to bring her the hand mirror.  She asked Lyn to tell her the color of our eyes.  Lyn pointed out that we have brown eyes.  Mom had Lyn look in the mirror to see the color of her own eyes which are blue.  Mom then asked "What do your eyes do?"  Lyn thought about it and responded "They let me see."

Mom asked about our hair color.  It is also brown.  She again had Lyn study herself in the mirror before asking about Lyn's hair color which was blonde at the time.  Mom pointed out that hair is the same even if it is just different colors.

She asked Lyn what her brain told her to do.  Lyn declared that her brain tells her to "run fast and win a medal."  When asked what my brain told me to do, Lyn figured that my brain told me to "sit still and read a book."  Our eyes are different colors but they allow us to see.  Our hair is different colors, but it covers our heads.  She was able to convince Lyn that it is essentially the same with our brains.  Our brains are different but the same.  Our brain tells us what to do and how to do it.  Mom celebrated those differences.

Lyn grasped this concept as well and felt sorry that my brain was always telling me to read a book.


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