She Loves Attention

Lyn loves being the center of attention.  She basks in it.  You'll see that as more stories and pictures about Lyn are posted if you've not noticed it already.  I'm not revealing any great secret about Lyn here.

Lyn is so outgoing and social.  She's not afraid of speaking to someone, posing for a cheesy photo or trying to make a new friend.  She's not self-conscious or afraid that she'll look foolish at all.  She's chatty, likes to mingle and wants to engage with people.  I admire that in her and think it must be a pretty free way to approach social situations.

As a result, we have pictures of Lyn with individuals she's encountered over the years who we cannot put names to the faces.  It really doesn't matter because we rely upon the context of the photo to tell the story for us.  Take this photo for example:

Lyn has her arm firmly around one of the mascots who came to a New Mexico State Special Olympics bowling competition to cheer on the athletes and give our hugs.  I suspect this picture was taken in Las Cruces a couple of years ago.  I couldn't even tell you what team the mascot represented.  In all honesty, this is the first time I've seen the picture.  Lyn sent it to me because she wants me to include it here along with her bowling scores.

What this picture tells me is that Lyn took some time from her competition to speak with and hug the athlete.  I am sure she was delighted to pose for the picture.  She was having fun.

This is Lyn in her element.


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