The Oath

In 1998, Lyn was asked to state the Special Olympics Athlete Oath at the start of the bowling competition.  She was so excited that she was asked.  She practiced the oath several times.

On the day of the event, she waited behind the counter at the bowling alley until she was to state the oath.  She was nervous and became momentarily shy.  When the time came, she froze up a bit and needed a bit of help to get through her role.

She got through it though and had a good day bowling.

"Let me win.  But if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt."

According to the Special Olympics organization's history, the athlete's oath was prepared in time for the first World games which were held in the Summer of 1968.  It has been part of the opening ceremony of Special Olympics events ever since.  While it takes only a few seconds to state, it has touched countless lives over the decades since it was first invoked.

Lyn did not invoke the oat at last week's competition.  That honor was passed to another.  However, she continues to practice her game in preparation for the next competition.  She had a pretty good game this week as you can see below.

She had a high score of 136.


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