It is An Oh Well

In my reading about dementia, one of the suggestions to spark memories and conversations with a person who has dementia is to use phrases or sayings from their childhood.  The phrase is immediately familiar to them and may encourage them to engage with you more.  For us, one of those sayings would be "It is 'an oh well'."

Lyn would declare something was "an oh well" if it was mildly disappointing but nothing to really worry about.  If you accidentally spill something ... if you misplace something that is not critical ... if you forget something at home but don't have to go back for it, it is "an oh well."

I remember we were pretty young when Lyn came up with that phrase.  I believe Mom had said "Oh well" with a shrug of her shoulders over a series of small events.  Then, Lyn spilled her drink and asked Mom if it was "an oh well."  Mom was a little confused about the phrased being clearly used in place of a noun.  Lyn said "You know!  Oh well."  She mimed Mom's shrug.  Mom understood and the phrase came into our family's common use.

It has now been passed on to the newest generation of the family.


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