Mom and Lyn are having a very quiet Thanksgiving today.  They've done so for the last couple of years.  With our family so dispersed, it is difficult for travel to happen this time of year.  Given the changes Lyn is experiencing a quiet Thanksgiving is not necessarily a bad thing.

There were years when we would join our Aunt and Uncle for their Thanksgiving meal.  My Aunt used to own a restaurant with her family.  Even though the restaurant would be closed on Thanksgiving day, there were years in which it was packed with friends and family.  When they stopped hosting the dinner at the diner, they would still host it at their house.  There was always too much food and, in all honesty, too many people for Lyn.

Regardless of where the meal is held or who hosts, Lyn always offers to pick the turkey carcass.

She will sit for as long as it takes to get all the meat off the bones.  This gives us time to clean up the rest of the meal.  Picking the carcass has become Lyn's job.  If we were to have a turkey or even a roast chicken meal at my home, she'd do the same thing.  Her patience for the task is pretty interesting.  The bones come out looking like they've been run through the dishwasher.  They're that clean.

We don't know how many more turkey carcasses she'll be able to clean.  However, we'll take each one.  I wish I could be with them today.  I'm very glad I spent last week with them.

(This picture was taken in November 1990.  We lived in Montana at the time.  Note the snow on the ground.)


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