Thankful For

Yesterday morning, as Lyn and Mom were watching the Macy's Day Parade, Mom asked Lyn what she was thankful for.  Lyn responded with "Christmas!"  Mom suggested that there were other things to be thankful for such as living in New Mexico, their home and their family.  Lyn thought for a second and then stated "I only have one brain cell today.  You're going to have to wait for me to think."  Mom struggled not to laugh at her response.

As Mom cut their pieces of pie for dessert, she tried again.  "Is your one brain cell able to say what it is thankful for?"  She shook her head and said "for you."  Mom thanked her and asked if there was anything else.  "No, I'm good."

When you have only one working braincell for a day, then that answer is good enough.


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