She's Good with Kids

Lyn has always been good with kids.

She's happy to play with them on their terms.  She will sit on the floor and play with blocks, cars, dolls or Mr. Potato Head.  It doesn't matter to her what they play.  She loves the interaction even when she shoots me The Look.

She's gentle with babies.  She's happy to hold and cuddle them.  If they move suddenly or cry, the parent better be ready to receive because she'll pass the baby off pronto!  It doesn't matter if she's holding a baby or playing with a child on the floor, when she's done, she's DONE.

When the children are young, they don't notice that she's different from the other adults.  They just know they've got a great playmate who's happy to be silly with them.  Last week, with my little one, she played Hide-and-Seek each day.  They played outside.  They played inside.  They ran around the house cackling like loons.  

As the children get older, they begin to notice the differences in their interests and their intellects.  They see the world stretching out before them and realize that her world is not as expansive as theirs.  Sometimes, a child struggles with their relationship with her at that point.  They may want to correct her mistakes but quickly realize that she cannot keep up with the knowledge they are gaining.  They find themselves in a position of having to accept Lyn on her terms.  

This transition in the relationship is a good thing.  While it may not be easy to transition from pure playmates to something else, Lyn provides an opportunity for people to expand their own understanding of love, intelligence, compassion and the value of each person.

The young man in the picture above is a cousin who has grown into a fine young man.  He is a Marine and has graciously given permission for the use of this photo.  Thank you.


  1. Hi,
    You did a great job on describing Lyn. I am third cousin to the generation back of you. They know of our 43 year old son who was behind from birth with epilipsy problems. He has not had a seizure now for two years thanks to a different drug and works four hours, five days a week at a base exchange in Anchorage, Alaska, stacking food shelves. We are camping out for the winter in Arizona and wish he would come for a visit, but he will not do anything strange to him. He will fly to Homer to see us, but that's it. His older brother at 46 has a Ph.d in archeology--go figure. All-in-all, we are Blessed.

  2. Thank you SO much for this kind comment!

    I remember meeting your older son when he paid a visit to my family. I was in middle school at the time. I have pictures of a family reunion when I was 3 or 4 which include your boys, Lyn and me together.

    It is good to know that despite developmental delays, individuals like your son and my sister can have meaningful and productive lives. Thank you for sharing. I'm thrilled to know you're reading the blog.



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