Snicklefritz means "I Love You"

When we arrived for this visit, Lyn quickly called my little one "Snicklefritz."  The child is a bit literal and has been focused on names recently.  A correction was quickly offered up to Aunt Lyn before "What's a snicklefritz?" was piped from the back seat.  In unison, Mom, Lyn and I all said "Snicklefritz means 'I love you!'"

There are several definitions for the word.  It is a nickname for a child who is mischievous or a chatterbox. It is the name of a mouse in the movie Stalag 17.  Most recently, it is apparently a type of marijuana referred to in the movie Pineapple Express.  In our family, it has been around for as long as I can remember as a term of affection for a child.

Over the past couple of days, Lyn has called my child "Snicklefritz" more than she has called the child's name.  Snicklefritz is making Lyn laugh hysterically.  They've been playing Hide-and-Seek.  They've been playing with balls and blocks and building toys.  They've been sharing hugs and general silliness.  My little one accepts Aunt Lyn's use of the term and is readily responding to it from her.  I love seeing them play together.


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