Neuropsychological Evaluation Tests

The neuropsychological evaluation results are in.  They are extensive and very detailed.  We'll look at them over the course of a couple of posts.  Before we delve into the results, I thought I'd share the tests the clinician used to return the results we now have.

The tests administered were as follows:

In addition to those tests, the clinician had access to the clinical reports from an evaluation one in 2000 as well as reports dating back to 1978.

I'm disappointed that the clinician who performed this evaluation did not do the Dementia Screening Questionnaire for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities  or the Assessments for Adults with Developmental Disabilities (PDF Link).  The tests above are geared for the regular population; not the intellectually disabled.  One, the Connors' Continuous Performance Test, is normally used in the evaluation of children with ADHD.


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