Maintaining Her Routine

Lyn was very excited when my youngest and I arrived in Albuquerque on Thursday.  She and Mom were at the airport waiting for us.  Other than that minor deviation in her schedule, she had a normal day that included bowling.  Lyn struggles to remember her scores and brings home her bowling league record to share them with Mom. 

The difference between her best game and her worst game since we’ve started charting her scores is about 100 points.  What is interesting to me is that it looked like her early scores were all over this place and the scores in the last couple of weeks have been coming closer together.  If she was new to bowling, I’d say she was getting more consistent in her approach.  She’s not a new bowler.  Lyn was introduced to bowling when she was in grade school.  She’s been bowling as a primary activity for at least 20 years.  Without having 20 years worth of scores available, I think our data set is too small to be meaningful, if it even can be. 

As long as she can continue bowling, she will.  As we found with a fellow bowler, she may be able to continue bowling for quite some time yet.  

We anticipate more Special Olympics award ceremonies and more hamming it up as the center of attention as she is above with the Knights of Columbus.


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