A Couple of Updates

Here are a couple of updates to bring you up to speed.

The ANE case against Lyn's former care provider who cornered her in an office and made her cry has been closed as "unsubstantiated."  The investigator left the job before completing his report and the new investigator just wrapped it up.  The care provider has zero repercussions.  The State failed to notify anyone of this closure and Lyn's team has requested the report which should have been provided to them.

Lyn's support team noticed the significant change in Lyn's speech when they had their monthly meeting.  One of the team members had not seen Lyn in two months and was stunned by the changes.   They're going to look into any additional resources which may be made available for Lyn.  They don't know what she may qualify for because they "really don't have clients with Alzheimer's."  Mom pointed out that Alzheimer's is very prevalent in adults with Down's Syndrome but they often go undiagnosed.  There's an entire population for which this issue overlooked and they are under-served.

Speaking of resources, it will take about 6 months to get the bathroom renovation approved through the State.  Lyn's physical therapist did an assessment of Lyn and her ability to navigate the tub.  Mom's added colorful duct tape to the tub to make it easier for Lyn to see.  Lyn says the tape helps a lot. The duct tape suggestion was made by the facilitator of Mom's Alzheimer's support group.

It was a great suggestion.


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