Cops and Non-Chili Dogs

Last week, Lyn had another opportunity to show off.

The local police station hosted an open house and cook out, inviting the neighborhood.  Lyn wanted to go and give the officers another painting.  Officer Vicente received it and praised her for it.  She was delighted.

Afterwards, she enjoyed a chili dog minus the chili.  Lyn doesn't eat chili so a basic hotdog was her preference.

While there, she encountered a couple of people who knew her from years before.  There was a couple who recognized her from when she was employed at Wendy's.  There was also a woman from church who spoke with Mom about how she used to watch Lyn walking from home to her bus stop to ride the bus into town when she was working at Wendy's.  She worried about Lyn's safety and commented that "We could all learn something from her" when she realized that did it for 10 years.


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