ISP Review 2016

Lyn's team got together last week to review her individualized service plan (ISP) for the 2016-2017 year.  Her year starts in August and there are changes to her budget.

The Community Access program has been added to the budget.  There is an allotment for her to start using the Community Access before August and Mom and Lyn will be meeting with the service coordinator tomorrow morning.  They will determine how many times between now and the start of the budget year Lyn will be able to use the Community Access.  As a reminder, Community Access provides one-on-one interaction between a staff member and Lyn in the community.  Perhaps they will go to the park or an art venue.  They may go bowling or another activity which Lyn finds easy.

The Behavior Therapy is being removed from Lyn's ISP.  She does not have a behavior problem.  She has Alzheimer's.  Lyn may see her behavior therapist between now and August.  However, we're not holding our breath because the therapist has seen Lyn only once in the last 5 months.  The offered explanation for the absence was a broken thumb.

The team has also agreed that when Lyn is out and about, she should be kept off the highway.  She now finds it overly stimulating and anxiety inducing.  She does better on surface streets.  When I visit next month, we may even have to take surface streets to get to Santa Fe if we decide to go there.  It's totally doable if we go North along the old roads and not the more modern I-25 route.  It may take longer to get Lyn where she needs to go, but it is worth it if it helps keep her calmer.

Mom reports that this ISP meeting was the longest yet.  Lyn's team is bigger now than in previous years.  Additionally, when Lyn interjected into the conversation, the team would stop and listen to her, acknowledging her input even though it didn't pertain to the topic at hand.  Lyn's not able to follow the conversation well any longer and her participation means the meeting is not going to be as efficient as it once was.  While the meeting could be scheduled while she's at day hab, it is important for Lyn to feel she has a voice in her care and that she's listened to and respected.


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