While We Were Away

While we were away, quite a bit has happened.  Nothing bad.

Lyn's MRI results came back.  I'll share them tomorrow.

Lyn's annual ISP review happened.  We'll talk about that later in the week.

Lyn saw her dentist for her regular cleaning and did very well.  She bowled and had a good week.

We talked on Skype a couple of times.  One of our conversations happened while I was sitting in the airport waiting for my flight to return to Virginia.  I had put in earbuds so that I could clearly hear Mom and Lyn without the volume of the phone being a nuisance to other travelers around me.

Lyn asked if my husband was nearby and I turned the phone so she could see him sitting next to me.  Lyn chirped a "Hello!"  My husband knew what was happening even though he couldn't hear her and so he smiled and waved.  Lyn started talking to him, asking how he was.  I responded that he was fine but he couldn't hear because I had all the sound in my ears.  She accepted my explanation that I wanted to be polite to people around me.

We had a good conversation and I was able to make my plane.  Upon landing and accessing my phone again, I found an email from Mom.  They had gone to Mass after our conversation and throughout Mass, Lyn kept asking "Why couldn't he hear us?  Why did she do that?"  She's not happy with me and seems to think that I excluded him maliciously.


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