Summer Plans

We're putting in place our summer plans.  It is going to be a little different this year.  Instead of waiting for the kids to finish school for the summer, I'll be taking a week in May to head to visit Mom and Lyn.

We'll go out to lunch.  We'll go bowling.  Lyn will win.  She's still bowling well over 100 most games and continues to get strikes frequently.  We'll do a little shopping.  We may even go for a picnic.

We won't worry about scheduling actives which the kids enjoy but which Lyn finds difficult.  I won't torture her with a museum visit.  I think I've been to the majority of museums in town already.  If Lyn wants to go to Santa Fe for lunch and a stroll at the mall, we can do that too.

Lyn's confused about the timing of the trip and Mom's marked the calendar for her.  She's wondering how she'll know what I'm doing each day until my arrival.  (Working and being a mom.  Sometimes, it is hard to tell the two apart.)

As much as Mom loves my family and will miss seeing them this Summer, she's made the request that it just be a girls week.  When I think back to when it was just the three of us last for any length of time more than a day or so, I realize it has probably been about 30 years.  I know I wasn't always easy to deal with (angsty teen and all that) but Mom, Lyn and I were always close no matter how annoying one of us was being.  This is long overdue and I'm very much looking forward to it.


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