What's the Delay?

Mom's been trying to get Community Access for Lyn for months. She interviewed an agency and several providers there, picking one that she and Lyn "clicked with." The budget was approved. Hours were allotted and then there was no provider available to start with Lyn. It has been a series of delays.

Last night, Mom wrote:

I am beginning to think that we'll never get community access. Last week, I called the coordinator and she said she had a provider. The provider supposedly worked with this population and has one class left to take then she needs to sign a contract. So, she "probably" would be ready to work in a couple of weeks. The coordinator was going to have the provider call me and we could set up a meet/greet.

That was last Wednesday. On Friday, I emailed the coordinator and asked if she'd spoken to the provider. On Monday, she replied that they were playing phone tag but was sure she would connect on Monday. Still no call from either one of them. I'm going to wait until Thursday and then email the owner of the agency and copy the coordinator. It looks like this isn't going to happen and I will find another agency if they can't get a provider within a week. 

Perhaps the provider changed her mind. Perhaps the coordinator hasn't spoken to her. Perhaps they can't do this.

Lyn refuses to go to dayhab on Tuesday or Thursday since the ISP meeting was held. At that meeting, it was decided that she would only go on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. She doesn't seem to understand that while waiting, she could go to dayhab each day. Actually, it's better because she seems overwhelmed when I pick her up.


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