Creeping Fog

When Lyn woke up on Saturday, she was in a fog.  She put on her robe and sat on the couch, just staring into space.

After about 10 minutes, Mom asked if she wanted to color.  "No thank you."

A few minutes later, Mom asked if she wanted to play Bingo.  "No thank you."  She would occasionally reach down to pat Nikka's side without really engaging with the dog because she was still mentally elsewhere.  There was no real expression to her face and she was not focused on anything.

Mom decided to initiate activity and asked Lyn if she could help make some cookies.  "No thank you."  So, Mom proceeded to measure and mix as Lyn sat and drifted in her fog.  It wasn't until the cookies were half way through their bake period and their smell was beginning to permeate the house that Lyn started to stir.  She peeked at them through the oven door and then sat at the table to look at the stove until they came out.  When they came out, she got up and studied them before advising Mom that a taste test was required.

She ate one, declaring "Not bad" and then decided it was time for a bath.

The fog is creeping up on her more and these moments of being lost in it are increasing.


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