Good While it Lasted

The Month of April 2014 is being noted as an exceptionally good month in the progression of my sister's disease.  It started with the surprise trip to Disneyland that opened her back up to excitement and wonder.  Those three days resulted in nearly a full month of happiness in Lyn.

The Disney effect, if we can call it that, energized her and helped her feel connected for a while.  We didn't see much in the way of tears, contrary attitude or confusion.  We noticed about a week out from the trip that she couldn't remember any of the names of the characters she hugged unless she had a picture of them in front of her.  She stopped telling people "I hugged Minnie but she had to go bake" when asked which characters she met.  Instead, she would say "I met lots of them!"

The Disney effect started to fade this weekend and the confusion and tears are back in full force.  On Sunday, Lyn started and ended the day in the bath tub.  When she watched the bull riders on PBR, she only wrote down their bib numbers.  This is the first time she didn't write their scores.  She decided "It wasn't necessary."

By 4:20 in the afternoon, she was pacing for the first time in a month.  She didn't know what she wanted.  Every suggestion was met with a "No."  After several suggestions, Lyn told Mom she could go ahead and cook dinner.  Mom agreed and walked into the kitchen.  On her way, she looked back at Lyn who had crumpled to the couch and was crying.  She didn't know why and couldn't answer.

We knew the Disney effect would fade and the confusion return.  However, we're thankful for the past month and the impact it had on refreshing both Mom and Lyn.  It was good while it lasted.


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