Easter Trading

When I called Mom and Lyn yesterday, Lyn asked me how much candy the Easter Man left me.  He left her a bowl full with extra in another bowl.  Just as a reminder, Lyn always says that the Easter Man leaves her candy.  She has never said it was the result of Mom or the Easter Bunny.

This week's visit from the Easter Man was notable for two reasons.  First, he didn't put the candy for her in the Nambe bowl he has used for the previous years that Lyn can remember.  This provoked her to comment on it multiple times in the day.  The second reason this year's Easter Man visit was notable was that it coincided with the misplacement of Mom's regular reading glasses that she normally keeps on her kitchen island.  They're not where she keeps them.  They may be in a drawer or in a different room.  They may have even fallen into the trash and been taken out already.  Or, as Lyn suggests, the Easter Man may have taken them when he left candy in the house for her.

Perhaps the Easter Man needed Mom's reading glasses.  If so, he's welcome to them.


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