A Forgotten Face and Name

There's a plant nursery that Mom has used for years when she's looking to put flowers in her patio pots.  The staff are always helpful and know Mom and Lyn by name.

One employee in particular was Lyn's favorite.  She is friendly and would encourage Lyn to pick out a flower "just because" on more than one occasion.  This employee was there this weekend with Mom and Lyn walked in to pay for their selections.  She called out a "Good morning!" to them as they entered and was quickly puzzled when Lyn clearly didn't recognize her despite responding to the greeting.  Mom realized Lyn had no clue that the employee was a known face and name.  Unfortunately, the employee knew it was more than just an off day and was concerned about Lyn's welfare.

Mom asked Lyn if she wanted to go unlock the car.  Lyn took the keys and shuffled off.  Mom took the moment to explain to the employee about Lyn's Alzheimer's.  The employee almost cried.  She stated she had noted some decline over the past year.  She was shocked that Lyn no longer recognizes her though.  

I think this is the first time that Lyn has noticeably forgotten a person.


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