Of Zippers and Snaps

Lyn's lost a few pounds over the past couple of months.  She's been cooperative with trying to limit her soda intake to one a day.  As a result, the belt she wears is no longer just because she likes wearing it.  It is necessary to help keep her pants in place.

She's not interested in shopping for new pants.  She likes the pants she wears and doesn't want to change them for a smaller, more fitted size.  She fiends the pants she currently has easy to deal with.  She recently bragged to me about how happy she is that she no longer has to undo the zippers or snaps to get the pants on or off.  She can just pull them up or down.  She really likes this and views it as an added bonus.

Mom had noticed that Lyn has started zipping the pants shut when she folds them if they come open in the wash.  When Mom went to wash Lyns laundry for her last week, she realized that none of the pants were open.  She also realized that Lyn actively fusses at her if she doesn't keep them closed when doing Lyn's laundry.

So, I now wonder, is she finding it increasingly difficult to open and close the zippers and snaps on her pants when she's wearing them?  She can still do them if they are in front of her like an early childhood activity doll, but can she still do it when it is in a different position?


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