Buying Lunch

This weekend, Lyn and Mom went shopping with their lovely neighbor.  When they were done, Lyn pointed out that they had been together all day and she had money in her purse and she wanted to buy lunch for them.  Mom asked Lyn how much she had and then regretted asking because Lyn dove into her purse to dig it out and start counting.  Mom redirected her and convinced her to wait until they got to the car to count her money.

As soon as the car door was closed, Lyn dove into her purse again and reported that she had a $10, a couple of $5s and some $1s.  Having an idea of how much cash Lyn had on hand, Mom asked where she wanted to go and got an immediate "Wendy's!"  Wendy's is a fast-food chain where Lyn used to work.  Mom knew where the nearest Wendy's was located and that Lyn would have plenty in her purse to cover lunch for the three of them because neither Mom nor their neighbor was hungry.

After the order was placed, the employee reported the total was just under $13.  Mom suggested to Lyn that she hand the employee the $10 and one of her $5s.  "No!  I'm not going to spend the $5s.  I'm saving those!"  Lyn was adamant.  "I might need them at day hab."  Mom pointed out that if you offer to pay lunch for someone that you don't hold back half of the available funds like that.

Fortunately, Lyn had plenty of $1s on hand and could pay the tab without spending one of her $5s.


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