Even On Mother's Day

Mom writes of her Mother's Day recognition from Lyn:

"The Knights of Columbus members were selling artificial roses for $1 for Mother's Day at Church Saturday evening.  She wanted to buy one for me so I told her to go ahead since Father wanted to tell me something.  She came back into the Church to say they were out of red ones and she wanted to get a yellow one.  

I said 'I love yellow roses.'  

'OK, give me $1 and I'll get one.'  I reminded her she had several dollar bills but guess what?  

'I don't want to spend mine.  So, I need one of yours.'  Keeping a straight face, I gave her one.  I have a pretty yellow rose."

When we Skyped on Sunday, Lyn showed me the rose.  I asked her if it was a real rose.  She studied it for a minute before shrugging as she said "I don't know."  We agreed it was a real silk rose.  

During the conversation, Mom also showed me the Mother's Day card that Lyn made at day hab.  Lyn wrote "Moom Love"  

I love that she can still spell "love" even if she struggles to spell Mom.  


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